American woman found dead in Puerto Vallarta


An American woman was found dead inside her home, sitting on the floor of her bathroom, with a serrated knife at her feet, in addition to one of her hands in a tub, and in another with a pot with blood, which had wounds on his wrists.

Regarding the facts, it was announced that presumably, the woman who lives alone in this city took her own life, which is why the neighbors, upon realizing the fact, reported it to the authorities.

It was at 11:04 in the morning of this Saturday, they reported from Avila Camacho 259 street in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood that since Friday they had not observed their neighbor leaving, he mentions that when he looked inside the home, he observed that she was lying inside the bathroom, she does not know what happened, she requires support with the unit. 

The Municipal Police agents went to the place, where they met Manuel who points to the second floor where he was when climbing the stairs of apartment 2 where the female named Dalia Eliza was, who directs them to the bathroom door where the female is sitting on the floor and in her right hand is a pot with hematic fluid and her left hand is submerged in a tub, at her feet a serrated knife which, on top of the toilet, two cell phones, 2 lighters.

Municipal Police outside the department of a woman of American origin found dead

Apparently, her name was Cristina from 40 to 50 years old, originally from the United States and without family in the port, police arriving at B-79 unit under the command of Linda Medellín who confirms the death for which Notice is given to the agent of the Public Ministry command later SEMEFO personnel who took charge of the body.


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