Former president Peña Nieto recognized in Rome, Italy they call him a “thief”


Former President Enrique Peña Nieto was caught in Rome, Italy, along with his girlfriend Tania Ruiz, before boarding a taxi outside a luxurious hotel.

The video was revealed by a Twitter user, who, upon seeing it, began to record it with her cell phone and yell at it.

The former president tried to hide behind the door of the Hotel, where he apparently was staying with Tania; however, he had to come put in the open to board the taxi.

"He was standing waiting for his taxi when I recognized him and he no longer knew how to hide ... he only stuck his head out to look at me that I told all the people that he was the former president of Mexico and that he is a thief," wrote the user networking.

In another video, the couple is seen getting into the taxi, while they shouted “thief” at him.

“It’s good that not even in Rome he is so comfortable and that there are Mexicans exposing him. Although it is good that he stays in a hotel for $ 2,000 a night,” the user wrote.

In that same video, the couple is seen leaving in the car and, although at one point Peña Nieto is seen trying to say hello, the model covers him and the windows of the taxi are raised and then he leaves.

In the recording, people are heard shouting “You’re a thief, you’re going to jail, you will get what you deserve”:

This Saturday the model celebrated her 34th birthday, which is why she also wrote a message on her social networks.

“Thank you God for one more year of life that you allow me to continue filling myself with wisdom. So many plans and you are always directing my life. I am a blessed person to have you in my life. I have been a sister, friend, daughter, partner, mother and yes I have I had frustrations in my life and that internal voice that always tells me “you can do it, you have to, everything is fine. Things always have to happen in a neutral way, without planning them because God always surprises. I have put my energy in thousands of situations and circumstances that have only made me grow. “