Philanthropy is not a business function; paying taxes is, said AMLO


President López Obrador said that it is the obligation of businessmen to invest, create decent jobs and pay their taxes.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that it is not the function of companies to invest in social works but to comply with investment, job creation, and the payment of contributions to the State.

This was the defense that the federal president made of the limits that civil society organizations will have for the deduction of donations, a policy that is discussed in the Fiscal Miscellany in the Chamber of Deputies.

The head of the federal Executive considered that the deduction of taxes to companies with the promise that they would be invested in works of social impact for the population was an invention of the businessmen to evade their fiscal responsibilities.

“On the tax refund, we don’t agree with that. How is a large company going to be taxed back under the assumption that they are going to invest for the benefit of the people, in social works, in philanthropy, in promoting culture? No, that is not the function of the companies ”, he pointed out.

La función de las empresas no es la filantropía, pagar impuestos, sí: AMLO

“They invented that and do you know what they invented it for? Not to pay taxes or to show off or say hello with someone else’s hat ”.

The President of the Republic affirmed that it is the government’s responsibility to attend to the social and recreational needs of the population with the use of contributions from companies and society in general.

Asked about the intention to limit the actions of civil society organizations, the head of the federal Executive rejected this assumption while asking that large taxpayers contribute more.

Regarding the obligation for those over 18 years of age to register in the Federal Taxpayers Registry, a measure that has been classified as fiscal terrorism, the federal president argued that it seeks to inhibit tax fraud.

In the same way, he lashed out at the opposition for criticizing all his government actions due to their nervousness about the advancement of his administration.

“Apart from the fact that they are minors, that is good, it is also the same, what happens is that the opponents are very nervous, they do not know how to question, they criticize for everything,” he launched.


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