Man who feigned disability to ask for money is removed from the CDMX Metro (video)


Police assigned to the CDMX Metro took out a man who pretended not to be able to walk; A user recorded the moment when the officers ask him to leave the platforms.

The man’s actions were criticized because he pretended to be a disabled person to ask for money.

man who pretended to be a disabled person to ask for money in the Metro Collective Transport System (STC) and when he was removed by elements of the police, walked out.

In the recording shared on social networks, it was observed how a couple of police officers approach the man who was on the platform of the Santa Anita station on Line 8, while he crawled on the floor to ask him to leave the place.

The man crawled to the first stairs and climbed them with the support of his hands, but when it was time to climb the next floor, the subject stood up and walked through the turnstiles.


The Mexico City Post