October Movie premieres in Mexico


The cinematic firsts for October include sci-fi, horror, and other genres for all ages including Venom: Carnage Freed, Dune, The Closet, and more.

The film premieres in Mexico in October 2021  include science fiction films and other genres for all ages, as  Venom: Carnage released, with Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson; Dune, with Timothée Chalamet ( Lady Bird ) as Paul and Stellan Skarsgard ( Chernobyl ) as Baron Harkonnen.

As every month,  we indicate the film premieres every Friday, as it is the day they officially debut in our country. If you know of a movie that we have not added to this list, feel free to leave us a comment with the information and we will take care of updating the billboard.

Upcoming movie premieres in Mexico October 2021

Premieres for October 6

Venom: Carnage released

Tom Hardy returns as Eddie Brock in the highly anticipated Andy Serkis film, in association with Marvel. What do you think of Woody Harrelson already turned into the villain Cletus Kasady aka Carnage? The cast also includes Michelle Williams and Naomie Harris.

Premieres for October 7

Crazy Addams 2

A road trip to enjoy a miserable family vacation. The sequel to the  2019 animated film  The Addams Family follows the spooky family of Morticia and Homer, who are distraught that their children, Merlina and Pericles, are growing up and completely consumed by the “screaming age.”

Premieres for October 14

Halloween Kills: The Night Isn’t Over Yet

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) join a group of other survivors in Michael’s first massacre who set out to hunt down Michael Myers once and for all.


Denis Villeneuve is the director of  Dune. The Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures film is a big-screen adaptation of the Frank Herbert hit. Follow the legendary Paul Atreides on this mythical and emotional journey.

When he travels to the most dangerous planet in the universe to guarantee the future of his family and his people, evil forces explode into conflict because the planet Arrakis is the exclusive provider of the melange spice, the most valuable resource that exists capable of unlocking the humanity’s greatest potential.

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