Entrepreneur from the State of Mexico creates a solar backpack made with nopal skin


The young graduate of the Autonomous University of ChapingoState of Mexico, created a solar backpack with nopal skin, capable of charging cell phones.

The inventor created the artifact with the intention of helping children in rural communities, he told local media.

The backpack was launched on the market recently. It is capable of charging cell phones or providing light to a room for several hours, charging with solar energy.

Chapingo graduate creates solar backpack made with nopal skin

Photo: Instagram @aseluzmex

Moisés Venegas, the creator of the “Aselus” brand, explains that the solar backpack works due to a high-tech solar panel based on nopal

The 10-watt charge generates a full cell phone battery and takes between one and two hours to charge.

The nopal-based backpack has a shelf life of seven years. 

Connected to ten backpacks they provide energy to a classroom, details the inventor. 

The backpack also works as a lamp; it is capable of lighting for hours.

Although he does not have government support, Venegas says he has already given backpacks to low-income children so they can continue their education.

Chapingo graduate creates solar backpack made with nopal skin

The solar backpack is priced at 3,500 pesos and can be purchased on the “Aselus” website. The proceeds will go towards continuing to create artifacts for the benefit of children in rural communities where there are energy problems.

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