Former Morena candidate for municipal president killed in Amecameca

Juan Bautista Morales Corral

The former candidate from Morena for mayor of the municipality of Amecameca, State of Mexico, Juan Bautista Morales Corral, was killed during the early morning hours of September 6. 

According to the first reports, residents heard several gunshots in the parking lot of the market and the church of La Asunción.

Some witnesses declared that the deceased today had gotten out of a truck and only walked a few steps when he was intercepted by some subjects who shot him on several occasions.

Upon arrival, the police officers found the body of a person on the ground who had several gunshot wounds to the head and chest. 

The victim was identified as Juan Bautista Morales Corral, who was a candidate for municipal president for Morena in the last electoral contest on June 6.

Mexico Daily Post