Long live Mexico? These states will not celebrate the Cry of Independence


Authorities of the federal and state Ministry of Health recommend not attending these massive events to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Due to the fact that infections by coronavirus and the new variants of covid-19 do not cease in Mexico, the celebrations for the Cry of Independence will not be held in some states, as a measure to prevent an increase in positive cases. 

MILENIO we made a count of the entities that will not celebrate the Cry of Independence this September 15, as well as those that have decided to do it with little capacity of people and some that will do it virtually. 

Remember that the authorities of the federal and state Health Secretariat recommend not attending these massive events to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. 

The Cry of Independence ceremony in Tlaxcala will be behind closed doors

The covid-19 pandemic forced state authorities to suspend all kinds of massive acts to prevent the third wave of infections from continuing to grow. 

That is why on Wednesday, September 15, the Commemorative Ceremony of the CCXI Anniversary of the Cry of Independence will be held at the Government Palace and on Thursday, September 16 at 10:00 hours it will be the formal ceremony in the Stairway of the Heroes from Tlaxcala capital.

Michoacán cancels National Holidays due to covid-19

The third wave of infections by covid-19 in the state of Michoacán has forced the authorities to implement extreme measures to stop the chain of infections, for which the celebrations were suspended on the occasion of the National Holidays. 

Faced with the increase in infections and deaths from covid-19, the governor, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, decreed that the activities of El Grito de Independencia on September 15, the Parade on September 16 and the commemorative act of the Birth of the Generalissimo are prohibited. José María Morelos on September 30. 

The purpose of the decree is to establish the sanitary measures destined to maintain the social and governmental activities in Michoacán in a safe way, argued Silvano Aureoles. 

Oaxaca orders the cancellation of Independence celebrations due to the rise of covid-19

In Oaxaca, an executive order was signed by the state government to order the 570 municipalities of the entity to suspend the celebrations for the Cry of Independence on September 15 and the ceremony of the military civic parade on September 16, in addition to He called for the dry law to be enforced, to avoid agglomerations that cause the spread of cases of contagion of covid-19. 

The measure was instructed by Governor Alejandro Murat and was signed by the Secretary-General of the Government of Oaxaca, Francisco Garcia López, in addition to being based on a point of agreement approved by the majority of deputies in the local Congress. 

Cry of Independence in Ciudad Madero and Tampico will be virtual 

The mayor of Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Adrián Oseguera Kernion, confirmed that for the second consecutive year the Cry of Independence will take place virtually.

In addition to the fact that the commemorative parade of September 16 is suspended to stop the number of infections of covid-19 that have increased in the entity. 

The mayor specified that it would be unwise to hold this event where hundreds of families normally gather to enjoy a popular celebration, in the midst of a health contingency that maintains hospital occupancy at 90 percent. 

While the Grito de Independencia ceremony will take place on September 15, but it will be without people and transmitted virtually. 

The municipal president of Tampico, Jesús Nader Nasrallah reported that it will be an event with the fewest number of people and it will be virtual, just like last year. 

Last year a series of presentations were made through a video, which was transmitted through social networks.

Source: milenio.com

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