Durango ranks third in the nation in mezcal production


Eduardo Solís Nogueira, a businessman in the industry, assured that there was a small rebound in production even in a pandemic situation

Durango is repositioned in the production of mezcal, currently occupying the third national place of production after Oaxaca and Puebla, said Eduardo Solís Nogueira, a businessman in the field.

He said that being a one hundred percent artisan product, having a small production rebound even in a pandemic situation, the workforce also increases, which should be noted is all Durango.

“We continue to promote employment with the sale of this product that increasingly achieves greater penetration and taste in its consumption in Durango, due to its quality,” he stressed.

Solís Nogueira pointed out that of the annual production of eight million liters, Oaxaca produces seven million, the other million is divided among eight other states with a designation of origin, including Durango.

“We had a production of 200 thousand liters per year until the previous year, and I am sure that once this pandemic passes with all the work and promotion we will obtain the second national place, which is very important for local producers,” he said.

Villa de Nombre de Dios desde Durango - Escapadas


From ancient volcanic soil covered with lava and basalt stone, the agaves called cenizo duranguensis are born, which in a wild environment are cultivated and with the ancient knowledge of the mezcal masters are transformed into a drink full of tradition, history and culture.

Seven young entrepreneurs make up Espíritus de Durango, a company made up of seven artisanal mezcal producers that seek to position this drink in the international market.

These brands, through their distillates, seek to become a lighthouse that attracts and captures the interest of visiting Durango and its riches, learning about its mysticism, being involved in its legends, tasting its gastronomy and falling in love with its people.

“We work together, as a team, carrying very high the banner of being from Durango, speaking with passion about our drinks, sharing the pride of our roots, the strength of our traditions and the love for our land; our state, Durango. “

Azael Padilla, Director of Spirits of Durango

Mezcal Doña Natalia

Seeking to preserve the tradition of the mezcal teachers of the region and to give work to the nearby communities in the vinatas, the production of this mezcal carries with it the history of Mexican female power.

Inspired by the greatness of a woman who marked an era and rescued the sacred process of making mezcal.

Occupying only the heart of the wild ash duranguensis agave , its grinding is carried out with axes in an artisanal way. Fermented in oak wood vats with spring water, this mezcal has floral notes that give it a touch of unique character and sweetness.

Its double distillation makes it smooth to taste, ideal for young palates.


Natalia Joven: Between 38 and 45 degrees of alcohol.

Natalia Premium: Between 40 and 48 degrees of alcohol.

Contact information

Telephone: (52 55) 70 27 15 66

Email:  nataliagt@hotmail.com  /  mezcaldenataliarg@gmail.com

Facebook: Mezcal de Natalia

Twitter: mezcaldenatalia


Mezcal 618

With the aim of publicizing the culture and tradition of Durango, but above all the ash agave duranguensis, Mezcal 618 was born which, in addition to being one of the highest quality distillates in the state, its production contributes to the growth of the mezcal municipalities by supporting agave producing families.

Young, with an innovative image and distinguished flavor that captivates all palates, this soft distillate invites you to discover the flavor and essence of the endemic of Durango.

Made in the municipality of Nombre de Dios, its manufacturing process is friendly to the environment and seeks to have a positive social and ecological impact.

With 38 degrees of alcohol, Mezcal 618 is perfect to drink directly but at the same time, its versatility accompanies you with any mixture you decide to add, thus being a high mixology mezcal.

Contact information

Tel: (618) 165 5567 / (618) 166 8434

Facebook: 618Mezcal

Instagram: 618.mezcal

Twitter: @ 618mezcal


Mezcal Cuero Viejo

With the firm conviction that mezcal is the spirit drink par excellence, Cuero Viejo was born as a high-quality proposal in distillates to satisfy palates seeking genuine Durango flavors.

From the delicate and artisanal manufacturing process to the details that the mezcal master puts into his production, Cuero Viejo has tasting notes that distinguish woods and fruity and herbal aromas that characterize the fertile land of Nombre de Dios, Durango.

In Cuero Viejo, even the smallest detail is taken care of to preserve the essence of Duranguense mezcal, the one that honors the traditional saying: “Mezcal must be taken with respect and kisses”.


Silver: Young 38% Alc. Triple Distilled Vol.

Sangre de Indio: Young 48% Alc. Vol. Bi-Distillate

Premium-Ghost: Young 52% Alc. Triple Distilled Vol.

Contact information

Telephone (618) 814 1515

facebook: Cueroviejomezcal

instagram: Cueroviejomezcal

Youtube: old mezcal leather


Origen Raíz del Espíritu

Due to the respect and value of the traditions of the mezcal masters, the Origen Raíz mezcal was born, which in each drop transmits the ancestral technique of its artisanal realization.

Seeking that this distillate is understood and appreciated as part of the largest samples of the union of Mexican roots, it is made with  Durango’s own ash agave  , fermented in oak vats and with double distillation.

The artisanal technique of six generations of mezcal masters guarantees the balance of mezcal to appreciate the aromas of the land, the agave and delight the palate and the spirit from the first sip.

Origen Raíz del Espíritu is a young mezcal with 48% by volume of alcohol, whose production does not harm the environment and is made with recyclable and 100% natural materials.

Contact information

Phone: + 52 (618) 8101647

Mail:  info@mezcalorigenraiz.com

Facebook: Root Origin

Instagram: mezcalorigenraíz


Following a careful artisanal technique without using chemicals or any other alteration method, it results in an always young, 100% organic, pre-industrial and superior quality product.

The four classic elements: water, fire, earth and air combine with the ether under the Durango sky to help create the liquid gold we call Bosscal.

With carefully selected premium agave, the fourth generation mezcal master in collaboration with the entire Bosscal team produces the liquor by hand to offer a mezcal straight from the mountain to the bottle.

100% organic, no aging, created with traditional distillation methods, it was created to be enjoyed clean. Its distinctive aroma and flavor profile has quickly won the taste of top chefs and mixologists.


Bosscal Joven: 42 degrees of alcohol.

Bosscal Rabbit Breast: 45 degrees of alcohol.

Bosscal Damiana: 42 degrees of alcohol.

Sacro Imperio

Seeking to transmit the millenary essence of Mexico, its culture and traditions; the greatness of its festivals, its history and the purity of the hearts of its people whose reflection results in this drink made with the same ancestral techniques of our ancestors.

With the agave cooked in wells under the ground with red-hot volcanic stone and a grinding done by hand, it is fermented with underground water that gushes from the springs that irrigate the land of Durango.

Its double distillation creates a drink that bursts onto the tables with all the aroma of the soil, with its essence of agave heart, its taste of distilled earth blood and all the art of its manufacture. Sacro Imperio is a drink to celebrate and offer.

It is the purest drink in the world by its own essence that seeks to rescue and bring to every corner of the world the mystique of this distillate, positioning Durango as the land of mezcal.

Contact information

Mobile. (618) 134 0728.

Facebook. Holy Empire Mezcal

Twitter @Sacro_Imperio

Instagram. mezcal_sacro_imperio


Lágrimas de Dolores

With a history of more than three decades, the historic Hacienda Dolores has been rebuilt to house the production of this distillate and bring back the culture of the elegant Mexican haciendas of the colonial era.

Lágrimas de Dolores has six varieties of mezcal created by different mezcal masters who throughout their lives have created unique fermentation and distillation techniques. They are own recipes that distinguish one mezcal from the other.

In addition, the bottle evokes the roots of this drink, when there were no brands yet. The leather plug symbolizes the elegance of the equestrian tradition in Durango and the name comes from the patron saint of the hacienda, the Virgen de los Dolores.

Tears of Dolores, in addition to satisfying even the most demanding palate with a high quality product, its production aims to have a positive impact on the conservation of agave.

With a reforestation goal of 50,000 agaves per year, the efforts of this brand are also focused on the development and research of new processes to make 100% use of our agaves and be able to use the waste from mezcal production, such as maguey fibers.


Tears of Dolores Cenizo Joven 45%

Tears of Dolores Cenizo Añejo 40.5%

Tears of Dolores Castilla 47%

Tears of Dolores I’Gok 47%

Tears of Dolores Masparillo 47%

Tears of Dolores Tepemete 47%

History of Durango Mezcal

El Mezcal de Durango is a book that offers us an extensive vision about the traditions that frame the elaboration of this drink that allows us to feel proud because it represents us in many foreign countries, and is the result of the pen of Víctor Campa Mendoza.

In the text, through El Mezcal de Durango: The Routes and Marks of Mezcal and Nombre de Dios, Pueblo Mágico, the author gives us an account of the rules that govern the production of mezcal, of the designation of origin of mezcal for our state, as well as the artisanal process of obtaining this liquid.

Thus, he lets us know that the mezcal of Durango is made with the agave stalk once the maguey plant of the variety of agave cenizo duranguensis, locally called “cenizo”, grows wild in arid lands abundant in rock. volcanic, which requires between 10 and 14 years of maturation to be harvested and between 15 and 18 kilograms to produce a liter of mezcal.

The plant is harvested and the leaves are cut, leaving only the heart, which is also known as pineapple because of its shape, which is cooked and then ground. After cooking, the pineapples are ground, and the mass obtained is placed in wooden vats, where it is left to ferment.

Once the fermentation stage is finished, the water and the alcohol produced are separated; the mixture is emptied into an alembic and then distillation occurs.

Through the legend of the creation of mezcal, Víctor Campa Mendoza takes us to indigenous traditions, where the god Metl refined his secret to human beings: The liquor of the Gods.

Thus, it gives us a journey through the legends where ancient peoples give an account of the description of the plant, its flowering and the traditions of the Wixáricas Huichols in relation to mezcal, to give way to regional gastronomy and pairing with this drink.

Subsequently, the author takes a step into the historical process of making mezcal, from pre-Hispanic times, the colonial period and currently, the double distillation process and the norm of the designation of origin.

To situate ourselves today and take us along the roads that produce this liquor, he tells us about the Ruta del Mezcal, a project promoted in the south of the country to identify places of artisanal production, inheritors of ancestral knowledge and still under these techniques In ancient times, this drink was made, which has become a benchmark in our country, and in Durango, it refers us to the Mezcal Route that includes the region of La Breña and the municipality of Nombre de Dios.

Then, he gives us the reference of mezcals produced in the region, from their names to their physical characteristics, and recommendations on how to drink them.

Thus, this book becomes a widely recommended guide for those who like mezcal, it puts in our hands the legends, the history and above all, the list of brands that are produced and that are now part of the pride of Durango, due to which they are sent to the whole world, where they are highly valued for their taste and quality.

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