COVID-19 hits the Sinaloa Cartel: outbreak among Narcos in Badiraguato


In this town – of approximately 3,000 inhabitants – the virus arrived silently

People’s skepticism about the coronavirus pandemic has settled in the town of Badiraguato, Sinaloa, the cradle of drug trafficking in Mexico.

In this town – of approximately 3,000 inhabitants – the virus arrived silently and attacked the lungs of its population, including the hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel who, according to the local weekly Riódce, for some weeks have begun to become infected.

“Things are very bad around here because many are getting infected,” a gunman told Riodoce.

On July 29, this weekly (a reference to investigations related to drug trafficking in the country) reported that Consuelo Loera, mother of the legendary drug lord Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán would be infected with the virus, so her family would have begun to take measures of all kinds in an attempt to control the pandemic.

Mamá del Chapo Guzmán, Consuelo Loera Pérez convalece por coronavirus - La  Opinión

This is not the first time that members of the Sinaloan organization have tried to impose their own measures. Last year, social media went viral the time suspected gunmen Los ChapitosOvidio, Ivan Archivaldo and Jesus Alfredo Guzman, roamed the streets to monitor the Sinaloans remain at home.

“No estamos jugando”, el toque de queda que impusieron hijos del Chapo en Culiacán por COVID

The armed men warned that whoever did not comply with the curfew would be liable to punishments such as beatings with boards, “arrests”, as well as the payment of fines.

“They are informed that after ten o’clock at night they have to be inside their houses because of the covid virus if they do not go along, we are going to beat them up, these are orders from above from Los Chapitos. It’s not a game, we’re not playing ‘” warns a man’s voice in one of the videos.

In another recording, it was warned that “all that person who had no business, without a job or benefit, was going to drop his board, the patrol would take him to the railing for two days and he would have to pay a fine.”

In a report by the Ministry of the Interior, these acts were confirmed.

Badiraguato, in the Sinaloa mountains, remains under the scrutiny of the Sinaloan authorities, due to the chaotic number of infected by COVID-19.

The pandemic has not given respite to this entity, whose deaths from coronavirus have increased in this third wave. Currently, it is the only region in the country that is in a red light, with over 60,000 accumulated cases.

The rest of the states most affected by this peak are the Mexican capital, the State of Mexico, Nuevo Léon, and Jalisco, which register the highest number of active cases.


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