What are the benefits of drinking tequila?


A moderate intake of this distillate can bring multiple benefits to our body. Discover them!

The tequila is the one that gives us recognition around the world national distillate. Its designation of origin, its ancestral processes, and the quality of its raw material, the agave,  make it unique. However, beyond the above,  tequila is a drink with multiple benefits that few know about. 

Within the framework of International Tequila Day, which is celebrated on  July 24, the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau, presents some of these benefits that will change the perspective of this Mexican distillate!

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Before entering them, it is necessary to highlight that tequila is a drink obtained through the fermentation of agave juice of the endemic species called tequiliana weber Azul,  which provides the flavors of the earth in the final manifestation.

To have access to all the benefits of drinking tequila, it is necessary to make sure that the distillate is 100% with agave juice since that is where the sugars from the plant come from that provide the beneficial characteristics. 

This extract contains sugars known as agavines,  which can function as dietary fiber,  that is, the body does not digest or absorb them like other types of sugars. For this reason, it thus becomes the ally of many as it is a  distillate recommended in moderate consumption by nutritionists and health specialists for those who seek to control their weight. 

Another benefit of tequila is that it offers to strengthens immune function since agave contains a significant amount of antioxidants compared to other natural sweeteners.

But one of the benefits that few know is that tequila helps reduce pain as an anti-inflammatory. The presence of saponin is the cause of this effect, which is present,  potentially reducing the pain associated with inflammation.

The tequila is the flagship drink of Mexico that cannot be without in Mexican homes because of its very unique flavors and benefits in moderation

Some studies show that taking a shot before eating will increase your appetite and metabolism. Other studies focus on the fact that it helps in the digestion process and soothes the intestinal tract, which is why they recommend a shot after having consumed the food. Just keep in mind that if you decide to have a drink before a meal, after a meal, or both, make sure it’s small amounts. Getting too excited and drunk will kill off all those healthy bacteria, making it easier for toxins to take over.

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Finally, tequila has been found to help control insomnia. Again, you need to make sure to only consume a small amount, like two to three ounces, to take advantage of this benefit. Tequila helps calm the nerves and helps induce sleep. However, it is important to note that it is best not to depend on any substance to help you sleep regularly. But from time to time, tequila may be something special that you can enjoy and that also allows you to relax and fall into the world of dreams.

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