Chain of earthquakes surprise Baja Sur, Sinaloa, and Chiapas


The authorities informed that the pertinent inspections will be carried out to evaluate the existence of damages in each region.

Early morning of earthquakes, with telluric movements reported in Baja California Sur, Sinaloa and Chiapas, around midnight on July 24 and the beginning of July 25.

How did this chain of earthquakes start?

The National Seismological Reported an earthquake of magnitude 4.4, northeast of San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur at 23 hours 25 minutes.

Very close and almost at the same time, the seismic movement with magnitude 4.6 was reported, southeast of Novolato, Sinaloa at 23 hours 26 minutes.

The largest earthquake, according to the latest reports, was located in Mapstepec, Chiapas, reaching a magnitude of 5 degrees, at 0 hours and 21 minutes.

Civil Protection authorities reported during the first earthquake reports in Baja California Sur and Sinaloa, according to the Tsunami Warning Center of the Ministry of the Navy, that the generation of a possible tsunami is not expected.

Later, he confirmed that they are in communication with local and state authorities, as well as with the members of the National Emergency Committee, to carry out the pertinent evaluations.

Likewise, preliminary evaluation protocols were activated in the zone of Mapstepec, Chiapas.

Despite the fact that some inhabitants of the aforementioned localities claimed to have felt the seismic movement, so far there are no official reports on possible damages or injured persons in each state of the Mexican Republic.

They anticipate risks

Civil Protection recommends having a family protection plan in case of emergencies

  • Detect risks and security zones both inside and outside your home. Check furniture and facilities.
  • In a sketch, draw the possible evacuation routes
  • Point out the risks detected and how to reduce them
  • Get ready to make the best decision, that will help you to know how to act in the presence of disturbing phenomena
  • Conduct drills at least three times a year
  • Based on your experiences, update your plan

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