Where to buy ice cream for dogs in Mexico?


Food & Wine MX set out to find ice cream parlors where there is delicious ice cream for dogs, to be the reward after a hard walk.

Our best furry friend deserves our love, trust and why not? A snack to help us cool him off on hot days. If your plan is to go for a walk in the park, around the city, or simply go to enjoy a delicious ice cream, we have options where you can also reward it. We took on the task of finding ice cream parlors where there is delicious ice cream for dogs, without sugar and made with natural ingredients.

Don Paletto

Here they have ice cream for everyone: traditional flavors, gourmet, wine, sugar-free, vegan, and even for your dog. The ice creams are flavors for hairy made from natural yogurt without sugar, for now, they have three flavors of the house: peanut butter and banana, another of strawberry, carrot and honey, and finally, apple, blueberry and honey. Its preparation was supervised by a veterinarian, so your dogs can taste this delicacy safely. 

Web : donpaletto.com

Dog & Roll

This project was born in 1025 and since then it has not stopped pampering the furry people of the entire city. It has a menu for humans and, of course, also for the furry ones. Dog favorites are doggy pizza (made from tuna cake, carrot puree sauce, and boiled rice) and sushi (rice with carrot and pumpkin sticks), carob brownie, and even cheve “beer” without alcohol and with chicken broth.

Instagram : @dog_and_roll_

Puppies & Cream

This ice cream was created by two specialists: Natalia, a veterinarian, and Monica, a food chemist. Both dog lovers have created four flavors: peanut butter, carob and amaranth, coconut and, lastly, soursop. You can find them on their website and in branches such as + kota, Canhijitos, Pet Society, Casa Luna and Totto Gelato, among others.

Web : puppiesandcream.com 

Paleta Co.

In addition to preparing delicious popsicles for humans, they have a special recipe for canines: oatmeal with papaya, without sugar.

Facebook : purapaletaco

Heladería Escandón

This ice cream parlor famous for its creative inventions like the baby Yoda popsicle, the unicorn ice cream and the lollypets – a Turin chocolate-flavored pug – also created a flavor for furry, is peanut butter and is sugar-free.

Instagram : @heladeriaescandonmx

Nieve de Olla

This spot in La Condesa has sugar-free or dairy-free ice cream for humans, but they also have a fabulous flavor for kids, made with banana, rice milk, and peanut butter.

Instagram : @nievedeolla


This famous ice cream parlor also has ice cream for your pet, it is smoked bacon flavor, it has crispy bacon flavor too.

Instagram : @neveriasfrody

Source: foodandwineespanol.com

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