Mexico is the OECD country with the lowest public investment in the Americas


Canada, Colombia, and the United States were the only countries that exceeded the OECD average of public investment as a proportion of GDP, while Chile, Brazil, and Mexico were below the average, according to the results of the Government at a Glance 2021 study of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 

Among the six members of the club of the richest nations on the planet in America, Mexico was placed at the bottom of the table in the analysis segment, with 1.3% of public investment as a proportion of GDP. 

Public investment has an impact on public services, defense spending, public health and order, economic affairs, environmental protection, housing and community services, recreation and culture, education, and social security.

México es el país de la OCDE con la menor inversión pública en América


Mexico Daily Post