Oaxaca Flavors arrives again, the flavors of Oaxaca in a culinary festival starts July 20 to 25

  • Twelve visiting chefs from Baja California and 13 host Oaxacan chefs will participate. 

Oaxaca de Juárez.- From July 20 to 25, the Oaxaca Flavors festival will take place, under the organization of Oaxacan chefs who will offer lunch and dinner in various restaurants in the city of Oaxaca, to share their seasoning with inhabitants and visitors.

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This was announced at a press conference by the Secretary of Tourism, Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, reporting that in the 2021 edition, “Oaxaca Flavors made an exchange with Baja California, a state with which we share direct air connection, Oaxaca – Tijuana ”. 

This meeting of flavor, he said, like all the tourist activities that are reactivated, will ensure that the Health and Hygiene Protocols are complied with, for the care of inhabitants and visitors. 

Chef Alejandro Ruíz Olmedo highlighted that Oaxaca Flavors is a launching pad to publicize the culinary art of Oaxaca and show the contribution of traditional chefs and cooks. 

In addition to becoming a strategy to generate synergy with those destinations with which direct air routes are shared, as is now done with Baja California, where the exchange of travelers is encouraged.    

In the presentation, Chef Aurora Toledo of the Zandunga restaurant expressed that the gastronomy of Oaxaca makes those who taste it return, hence the need to show Oaxacan cuisine to everyone and in every corner of Mexico; such as the recent exchange in Tijuana, Baja California, where they brought the flavor of the state and shared cooking with chefs from another entity. 

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For the general manager of Hotel City Centro, Luis Fernando Monge Maldonado, the Oaxaca Flavors Festival is of great importance, because it reactivates the economy of hotels and restaurants for the benefit of families, in addition to positioning the entity as a gastronomic destination par excellence.

Oaxaca Flavors will take place at Tierra del Sol, Mustekala, Pitiona, Origen, Sabina Sabe, Zandunga, Casa Oaxaca, Quince Letras, La Olla, Sin nombre and Oaxacalifornia restaurants. 

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