Diabetes prevention eating Mexican traditional food


Mexico has among the greatest remedies, herbs and foods to prevent diabetes. Sadly, like all modern countries, the people of Mexico are burdened by the SAD diet – the Standard American Diet – and are forgetting their heritage of natural medicine. Thankfully, traditional and authentic ways of living are being revitalized and along with Mexico, the world is benefitting from this knowledge!

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to present, in Spanish, at Asociación Culinaria Vallartense in Puerto Vallarta on their 1st Anniversary and Diabetes Charity Event. I shared different methods of preventing and treating diabetes that I have learned from many elders in and around the Bahía de Banderas over the last 45 years.

This wisdom, combined with biomedical scientific understanding of the values of these important foods and medicines, provides a full picture of our next steps to support our clients, our families, and ourselves, in whole health.

I want to share this talk with you too, so I created a blog entry with the transcript of my speech (in English and Spanish) and some photos so you can feel like you were there!

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Leslie Korn has lived and worked in Banderas Bay since 1973 conducting research in Traditional Medicine of Mexico. She is a Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health-educated clinician in clinical practice in Mental Health Nutrition, Integrative Medicine and the prevention of dementia and cognitive decline.

She is the author of 7 books including ‘The Good Mood Kitchen.’ To learn more about her work, visit DrLeslieKorn.com. She can be reached at lekorn(at)cwis.org

by Dr. Leslie Korn

Source: DrLeslieKorn.com

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