Jesús Seade has been officially designated as the ambassador of Mexico in China


Jesús Seade has been officially designated as the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Mexico in the People’s Republic of China, who spoke out for strengthening the relationship with that Asian country in every way, but also taking care of the political, commercial, economic, and other ties that it maintains with the United States.

Mexico’s relationship with both countries is respectful, “careful not to step foot on the grounds in which they are in a very intense discussion,” Seade clarified.

When appearing before the Second Committee on Labor, Foreign Relations, National Defense and Public Education, of the Permanent Commission, he stressed that for Mexico the relationship with China is good, strategic, but “we want to make it closer, stronger”, as well as “the relationship we have with our main commercial partner, our neighbor, the United States.”

The main negotiator of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada (T-MEC), Seade, noted that both economic giants “are going through a complicated stretch in their relations. “How then can we cope? He asked and he himself replied that what Mexico wants and seeks is to advance in the commercial field with both countries

He also presented before senators and deputies of the Permanent Commission his work plan as a diplomatic representative of our country in China and recalled that ties with the Asian country, as Mexico’s strategic partner, are rich and multifaceted in political, commercial, technological, and cultural matters. , tourism, health, and many more aspects.

China is Mexico’s second trading partner and third export market, the largest outside of North America. He explained that in 2020 exports to China grew 10 percent, but total imports from that nation to ours by 200 percent. What was sold was sent to China last year, it was barely 2 percent of total exports.

There is no doubt, he said, that there is potential to improve these levels, since the whole world is interested in attracting Chinese investment, at the same time that Chinese producers begin to resort to investments abroad, as an alternative for the universal export of their products.

Source: La Jornada

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