Mazatlan is full of visitors despite the health emergency due to Covid-19


(July 4, 2021).- The port of Mazatlán is full of national tourists despite the health emergency that the city is experiencing due to the increase in Covid-19 cases.

From the early hours of the day, visitors arrived at the piers to travel aboard the catamarans and tour the bay all the way up to La Isla de la Piedra. The beaches were filled with locals and visitors.

Entire families and groups of friends were cooling off in the sea. Most rented umbrellas to cover themselves from the sun. On the boardwalk, hundreds of people could be seen walking around the place.

Most of them did not wear face masks, despite being mandatory. Nor was healthy distance kept. The passengers who got into the charioteers and pulmonias did not respect protocol either.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post