American citizen arrested in Chapala, he is accused of committing a homicide


The Chapala Regional Prosecutor’s Office is working on the clarification of the death of a male, whose body was located on June 11 in the Barrio de San Miguel in the municipality of Chapala. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the person responsible for this crime is a US citizen, who has already been captured and linked to criminal proceedings, an action that prevented him from escaping from the Mexican justice system.

The suspect is Martin “N”, who faces the charge of qualified homicide with the aggravating circumstance of premeditation and advantage, which is why he will remain in informal preventive detention as a precautionary measure for one year.

The body was found on Miguel Martínez Street in Chapala’s Barrio de San Miguel in the municipality on the date already indicated; the body showed traces of violence, so this social representation carried out investigative acts that yielded positive results with the identification a few days after the fact, of Martin “N”, as the probable person responsible for these acts.


Regarding what happened, it was established that the suspect kept his victim in an address located on López Cotilla street in the same neighborhood where he allegedly Attacked the victim with various objects since he had allegedly entered the place and apparently stole a certain amount of cash.

As part of the ministerial proceedings carried out by the Chapala Regional Prosecutor’s Office for these events, it also asked a control judge for a search warrant that allowed entering the property where it was possible to secure fundamental evidence that was attached to the investigation folder, among other objects, there was a baseball bat and some garments with traces of blood and that it is presumed, based on the scientific opinions made, were used in the commission of the crime.

Taking into account that the suspect is originally from the United States of America, members of the Investigation Police with a detachment in District V, accelerated the search operation due to the imminent risk of evasion to his country of origin.

Martin “N” was presented to the court and was charged with the crime of homicide with the aggravating circumstance of premeditation and advantage, a hearing in which he also requested his unofficial preventive detention as a precautionary measure, all of which was ratified, and the American citizen will remain in a Mexican jail for the time of the proceedings.

Source: Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office

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