AMLO attacks the middle class again by calling them fascist and followers of Hitler


President López Obrador reproached the middle class for allowing itself to be manipulated and allowing the advance of classists and fascists.

In a new escalation of accusations against the “manipulated” and “uninformed” middle class, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador considered that his actions allowed fascist governments to be erected in Germany and Chile, with the rise of Adolfo Hitler and the overthrow of Salvador Allende, respectively.

“It was a manipulated middle class that allowed Hitler’s fascism. (In) Chile, the coup d’état against President Allende, was backed by the middle class. Chile’s uninformed middle class supported Pinochet,” the federal president reproached.

“The middle class, as we said, manipulated, uninformed, backed (Victoriano) Huerta in the assassination of the president (Francisco I.) Madero; they went so far as to tell members of that conservative middle class that Madero was a traitor to his class.”

Since June 7, after the elections in which Morena, the president’s party lost positions in Mexico City, he has accused the middle class of the capital of allowing itself to be manipulated by right-wing parties and not allowing the advance of the Fourth Transformation that it promotes.

Likewise, he considered that for a person to be considered “fifi” he must have at least $500 million in his bank account and pointed to businessman Claudio X. Gonzalez as the head of this group.

The head of the federal executive accused that the “aspirationist” middle classes have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the “fifis” who even forget their origin.

“Those who felt they owned Mexico manipulate them, they even feel fifis, they are offended, when they belong to the middle classes. The fifi is a junior, usually of the oligarchy, of those of mere above. To be fifi because it requires more than 500 million dollars of fortune,” Lopez Obrador said.

What does it mean to be fifi?

” Fifi ” is a term used constantly by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but what does this word mean? According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the term “fifí” refers to a ” presumptuous person who takes care of following fashions ” and its use is colloquial, although it can also be used derogatory. “What is it has delicate and exaggerated manners and attitudes”


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