40 motorists massively robbed on the “Arco Norte” highway, within the state of Tlaxcala


According to citizen reports, armed men took advantage of the transit caused by a supposed accident to commit the thefts (some versions say that the the “accident” was staged by the assailants).

Motorists reported a massive robbery on the Arco Norte road on the highway that goes towards Apan, State of Hidalgo, on Wednesday, June 23. However, the different police corporations established in Tlaxcala did not receive any criminal report or formal complaint about these facts.

The alleged robbery occurred the morning of this Wednesday, between the municipalities of Calpulalpan and Sanctorum, Tlaxcala; where at least 40 compact automobile drivers and cargo transport would have been affected.

According to the testimonies of the victims, the assailants took advantage of an accident that forced the motorists to stop on the road where they were surprised by armed men who stripped them from their belongings. Some drivers had the crystals of their vehicles broken, while the loading boxes of many trucks were opened to subtract the goods they were carrying.

Source: Informador MX

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