Sportfishing clinics for boys and girls in BCS will return


We are working on preparing for the reactivation of these activities in our State

Loreto, Baja California Sur.- Just as the return of sport fishing in our State was carried out, with the application of measures and strategies to avoid contagion by Covid-19, we are planning to resume the activities of education and promotion for children, where we will have to work hand in hand with the recommendations established by the State Health Safety Council, says Gonzalo Alamea.

Before the start of the health emergency caused by Covid-19 worldwide, sport fishing clinics for girls and boys were taken to different ports throughout Baja California Sur, where in close collaboration with authorities, citizens, and providers of tourist services, minors were taught about the importance of caring for the environment and habitat of marine species, as well as respect for closures, sizes and, especially, what is the new modality in sport fishing capture and frees.

These activities pointed out Gonzalo Alamea, they are very important to create in the new generations a culture of care and protection of natural resources, which leads us to have a better future, as well as the sustainable use of these, for their conservation for generations future.

It is important to comment, Gonzalo Alamea emphasized, that we are already working on the protocols that we will have to apply to give continuity to the Sport Fishing Clinics for Girls and Boys, in Baja California Sur, to continue maintaining the health care of all as a priority.

Each and every one of the activities within this program continues to be carried out in outdoor places, with limited participation to avoid crowds and the application of hygiene measures, as is already practiced in sport fishing in Baja California Sur.

Finally, Gonzalo Alamea mentioned that as soon as the protocol to be used in this activity is ready, it will begin with the realization of sportfishing clinics for girls and boys, throughout our State.


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