The Economist is making fools of themselves says AMLO


The president in an ironic tone said that the cover made him feel “very important”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador mocked The Economist, saying that it only made a fool of itself with the cover “stupid and liar.”

He also pointed to the insistence on influencing the elections, since the British newspaper followed the citizens to “stop the president of Mexico” by rejecting the Morena party, in the June 6 elections.

“In journalism and politics, you can do everything but try not to make a fool of yourself. Imagine a cover as if it were a poster, it is very crude propaganda, of a pasquín”, he said.

The British magazine pointed out in an article published in its Leaders section, titled “The False Messiah”, that the next three years will determine the depth and duration of the damage that AMLO does to Mexico and its democracy.

“They take out this silly cover, very rude, of course, a liar, calling me the false messiah,” said the chief executive.

After the British magazine The Economist published a stern article in which it pointed to the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of being a danger to Mexico’s democracy and of dividing Mexicans, the federal government denied such assertions said the President this morning.

The president said, ironically, that appearing on the cover made him feel ” very important .”

The article states that the Mexican president has escaped international attention, compared to other leaders in the world, called populists. He also warns that the president “divides Mexicans into two groups: ‘the people’, as regards those who support him; and the elite, whom he denounces, often by name, as criminals and traitors whom he blames for all of Mexico’s problems. He says he is building a more authentic democracy. 

Mexico Daily Post