The False Messiah, this is how The Economist portrays AMLO on its cover


The English publication points out that the president of Mexico is a “danger to democracy”

The Economist featured Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the “False Messiah” on its next cover.

According to the advance of the English publication, López Obrador is “a danger to democracy”, due to ruinous public policies “by inadequate means”.

Although The Economist alienates the president of Mexico from other leaders such as Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil or Viktor Orban of Hungary, it points out that this is the reason why he escapes from the international public eye.

“López Obrador divides Mexicans into two groups: ‘the people’, who are those who support him; and the elite, whom he usually denounces, labeling them as criminals and traitors, whom he blames for Mexico’s problems,” says the magazine that will be released on May 29 next.

In addition, The Economist warns about re-election and the extension of the mandate. “He is prohibited from seeking reelection, but is illegally trying to extend the term of a friendly Supreme Court judge,” he says.

The publication will come out a few days before the 2021 elections, in which Mexicans will decide 15 governorships, the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies and hundreds of mayors and other popularly elected positions on June 6.


Mexico Daily Post