US president Joe Biden celebrated 5 de Mayo with tacos and enchiladas


President Joe Biden visited a Mexican restaurant owned by immigrants on Wednesday, marking Cinco de Mayo and touting his American Rescue Plan. 

He stopped at Las Gemelas at Union Market in northeast Washington D.C., where he spoke to workers and picked up some tacos and enchiladas. 

‘These are my tacos,’ he asked inside the restaurant, according to a video it posted to its Instagram stories.  

Tacos run between $3.75 and $5.5, according to the restaurant’s online menu. There are pork, chicken, beef and vegetable options.

Biden ordered four tacos to-go on homemade corn tortillas: pork al pastor, beef barbacoa, lengua (tongue), and carnitas. He also picked up a homemade green chorizo and a mushroom quesadilla.

The restaurant is owned in part by Mexican immigrants Yesenia Neri Diaz and Rogelio Martinez. It also received funding from the president’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. 

‘The restaurant industry was so badly hurt nationwide, and that’s why we put this restaurant revitalization fund back together — together. Like I said, this morning, as of this morning, 790,000 restaurants applied for help,’ Biden said.  

Source: La Jornada

Mexico Daily Post