An arrest warrant is issued for the crime of rape against Mexican writer Andrés Roemer


The Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation file in March of this year, in which the victim accused Roemer of the crime of rape.

The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ-CDMX) obtained an arrest warrant against the Mexican writer and diplomat Andrés Roemer for the crime of rape. The order was issued as a result of a complaint filed in March, in which the victim accused him of the crime of rape.

The order comes 70 days after the FGJ announced that it was opening an investigation file for public complaints on social networks for harassment and various acts of sexual violence, and when according to a new testimony Roemer is no longer in Mexico and he could have traveled to Israel.

In addition, the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance said that at the request of the authorities, Roemer’s bank accounts were blocked due to money laundering.

On February 23, it was revealed that the Sexual Crimes Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation file in the case for accusations and testimonies that suggested that a crime had been committed were made known in networks.

By that time, more than 10 stories had been published, anonymously or not, through the Twitter account of the collective Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas (PUM), after on February 15 the dancer Itzel Schnaas released a video of almost 7 minutes in which she detailed her own experience of sexual abuse by the writer, who under the pretext of giving space to her projects at the Ciudad de las Ideas festival, asked her deceitfully to meet him at his home in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood, led her to a movie theater located in the basement, where the man touch her unapprovingly without her consent and masturbated in front of her.

Schnaas tells in an interview with Animal Político that she found out from the media that the FGJ had opened this investigation and that there was an open invitation to go and testify.

Then, another of the victims who had given her testimony to QUIEN magazine contacted her, her name was Fernanda Lascurain, they went to seek advice from the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women (Conavim), which recommended them to file a formal complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office and so they did.

At the beginning of March, several victims had already managed to communicate with each other to explore the possibility of obtaining legal advice together. Although local media has said that there were already more than 50 complaints filed, this information has not been officially confirmed.

It has been said that Andres Roemer has fled the country and traveled to Israel.

Source: Animal Politico

Mexico Daily Post