They ‘forget’ to repair the security cameras in Mazatlán


Many of these video surveillance units are in poor condition as they have been shot or damaged.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Since the government of Quirino Ordaz Coppel began, security cameras have been installed in different parts of the city to keep the port under surveillance and have a better response to any violent event that occurs in Mazatlán, However, they have not worked properly for a long time.

Some of the cameras have been vandalized, by the different armed groups and by civilians.

The first cases of vandalism that were registered were in 2018 when unknown subjects came to the poles where the cameras were to get on and remove them. Given this, the state authorities decided to put wires around them, so that the criminals no longer got on.

But this did not stop, because later they tried to cut the poles where the cameras were, but the quick response of the municipalities avoided said damage.

Mazatlan Security Cameras

Later, the armed groups fired at them until they were useless and when they damaged one, others that were not close to the place went out since they were connected online.

Given these damages, the authorities have done little to replace the security cameras that have been shot, and the Municipal Police have been affected in their work due to the lack of these devices since at the time of requesting support through the cameras They do not have an image where the event occurred since they are disconnected.


The Mazatlan Post