The Wine Route, one of the most important tourist products in Baja California


The state of Baja California is known for its Wine Route, which runs from north to south and crosses the municipalities of Tecate, Tijuana, and Ensenada; This route is made up of eight valleys: Tijuana, Tecate, Guadalupe, El Tule, Ojos Negros, Uruapan, Santo Tomás and San Vicente.

The Wine Route represents one of the most important tourist products in the state; According to the Baja California Tourism Secretariat, there are 113 wine houses and 12 boutique hotels, which represent around 200 rooms available in the Valle de Guadalupe among hotels, cabins, villas and country houses.

In 2019, the Casta de Vino wine house was placed among the winners of the most important wine competition in the world called Champions Wine, projecting Baja California as a producer of essential wine.

“This award positions us as the capital of Mexican wine and that betting on innovation is key, especially promoting women like Ana Sofía, who are standing out in the wine industry, is a great pride”, expressed Ivette Casillas Rivera, Undersecretary of Tourism in the state.

In Baja California, 72% of Mexican wine is produced and until 2019, there was a record that 750 thousand people visited the Guadalupe Valley annually, according to the Mexican Wine Council.

REB Summit Baja California 2021, will be held on Thursday, April 29 in a hybrid way, which aims to generate investment and development opportunities in the region. Due to the situation that is experienced by the Covid-19, the quota will be limited; the event will be held in an open-air space, complying with all sanitary security measures.

Among the topics to be discussed are The economic development of the state; the industrial market in Tijuana and new projects under development; growth and the new rules of the residential market; and sustainable development.


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