Mexican school teacher attacked by husband during online class (AUDIO)


Toluca, Estado de México.- Students from High School 5, Campus “Dr. Angel María Garibay”, which belongs to the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMex), asked for help for an English teacher who was physically violated during class on Wednesday, April 20th, by her husband.

According to the video shared by the students, the teacher named Jaqueline can be heard teaching her class.

While she receives the answers from a student, the whole class perceives the interruption of a man who insults and hits the teacher, she cries out in pain, and begs him to please let her “finish the class”.

In the one-minute audio, the aggressor can be heard yelling at her because she is using his computer: “I told you not to use my computer!”

He immediately begins to insult her, regardless of the fact that she is connected in class and the students are listening. Hija de tu puta madre … you fucked up my computer’s mouse! ”, the man can be heard saying, and immediately after that, the teacher cries in pain, as she is being physically attacked.

After several seconds in silence, the teacher can be heard sobbing, she asks the man to allow her to finish the class since her students are listening to the whole thing. In the video, you only see the exercise that teacher and students were working on.

The teacher asks the man again to allow her to finish her class, and at that moment blows are heard, apparently, the man keeps beating up the woman, as she begins to cry desperately. Faced with the demand of her partner to release the equipment, the teacher repeatedly yells: “I’m going, I´m going!”

In response, the man continues beating her up, while she keeps asking him to please let her tell the students that the class is over.
At the end of the audio, one of the students is heard asking the teacher if she was OK.

Women have protested outside the UAEM to demand justice for the teacher attacked by her husband. (Photo: Crisanta Espinosa, Cuartoscuro).

On the institution’s Facebook page, the educational authorities issued a statement in which they assure that she is well and that the school is attending to the “terrible” incident that occurred on Wednesday, April 21st. The message says that they will provide the victim with all the support necessary.

The message also indicates that the university authorities are fully aware of the matter and that they offer the necessary services to maintain the physical and moral integrity of the teacher.

The teacher finally presented her complaint to the Central Prosecutor’s Office for the Attention of Crimes Linked to Gender Violence in the State of Mexico. The complaint was filed against her husband, identified as Octavio Alfonso “N”, who is a member of the PAN political party.

Octavio Alfonso “N”

Jorge Inzunza Armas, president of the PAN political party in the State of Mexico, deeply regretted this coward act against the school teacher and said that the party does not tolerate this type of macho attitude, but on the contrary, the PAN is in favor of the defense of women’s rights and freedom.

The National Action Party in the State of Mexico demands that the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico apply the maximum rigor of the law against Octavio Alfonso “N”.

Finally, the PAN separated itself from Octavio “N” and announced that they will expel him from the party.

Source: UNO TV

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