The horse rides are declared Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Tlaxcala


The groups of horsemen are characterized by conducting tours with a cause and organizing fundraisers to donate or benefit institutions.

The congress of Tlaxcala declared horseback riding as a Cultural and Intangible Heritage of the state in order to recognize the cultural and social contributions they provide to the community, they also seek the preservation and promotion of the activity.

Local legislators agreed that horseback riding is part of the identity of the Tlaxcala people and that it favors the improvement of the social fabric since horseback riding is a recreational activity and also a professional competitive sport.

The horse riding associations of Tlaxcala use horses for different activities such as equine therapy, which provides real benefits for a number of emotional and mental ailments, especially in children.

The groups of horse riders are constantly organizing events and fundraisers for the benefit of institutions or individuals, and many times the donations consist of wheelchairs, medicines, food, or cash.

The congressmen also declared of public interest the breeding of the horses, the production and the promotion of the horseback riding, as well as the awareness, importance and recognition of the activity.

Also, the local representatives declared April 22, as “Day of the Cabalgatas”, since that day but in the year 1519, the first horse arrived in America in the boat of Hernán Cortes.

With information from the Tlaxcala State Congress

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