Severe drought threatens the state of Veracruz


Now, as if Veracruz lacked another calamity, the drought threatens, which is already affecting several municipalities, in the middle of the spring.

An aerial photograph shows the current state of the El Farallón lagoon, in the municipality of Actopan, facing the Gulf of Mexico.

Anyone who has ever traveled to the north of the state, not far from Cardel, heading for Poza Rica, will have seen the lagoon from the highway, practically at the foot of the workers’ camp at the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant.

It is difficult for someone not to show curiosity to turn their eyes towards the lagoon, a landscape that makes one imagine a paradise for those who populate its shore and that, logically, transmits a feeling of freshness in times of intense heat.

But now, oh misfortune of nature, what had been a visual attraction is disappearing and has now been reduced to just a large puddle that, if the drought continues, will soon dry up completely.

Is there any way to avoid the drought? Unfortunately, there is nothing to do against nature, although biologists and environmental specialists must have the best answer.

The drought can provoke a significant crisis for the state of Veracruz due to the lack of water.

Less than a month ago, on March 22, in the Diario de Xalapa it was published that, there was already a serious drought in 26 municipalities, although, according to the article, the National Meteorological Service stated that there were already 71 municipalities with some degree of drought, mostly located in the northern part of the state.

Moderate drought can be registered for a period of six months, affecting agriculture and pastures, and the one that is generated in abnormally dry areas, lasts for more than six months and damages hydrology and ecology.

On Monday night, after ten o’clock at night, in communication with my colleague Pedro Díaz in the north of the state, he told me that in Huasteca it was 32 degrees. He was complaining.

Water scarcity is going to create big problems for the people of Veracruz, so authorities have already planned emergency measures to help the population that is going to suffer from water shortages, and they will have to distribute water throughout the state geography, where it is needed.

And maybe, in a way, the drought could make Morena lose some votes in the coming elections of June 6.

Source: Excelsior

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