Mazatlán will have a state-of-the-art cruise terminal


The general director of the API assured that there will be a reorganization of everything that in the port and the Lighthouse areas.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (March 27, 2021).- The Comprehensive Port Administration of Mazatlán has begun to work on the reorganization of the entire part of the Lighthouse, to carry out the construction of a new state-of-the-art cruise terminal.

The general director of the API, Rear Admiral Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón, commented that mitigation works will be carried out and the docks will have to be improved so that the hangover does not enter, as well as repairs on the ferries.

“We are going to do a rearrangement of everything that is the port of Mazatlán, of the port administration, in which a new cruise terminal will be made and a significant rearrangement of the entire part of the Lighthouse,” he said.

He expressed that all this will allow them to have a better operation in the commercial part and in the cargo part, as well as in the cruise part, to offer an excellent service.

Ancona Infanzón indicated that it is not yet known how much the investment of the project will last from two to three years.

We are still doing all the technical part so that we can really say how much the investment will be.

Ancona Infanzón

On the other hand, the Secretary of the Economy in Sinaloa, Javier Lizárraga Mercado, pointed out that cruise ship tourism will be the best beneficiary because cruise ships of any size will be able to dock in Mazatlan.

“Today’s cruises already come twice as much as they used to, from four to five thousand people get off each vessel, and it must be remembered that until 2010 Mazatlán received almost half a million cruise passengers, it is a huge economic spill considering that each cruise passenger spends an average of 80 dollars per day,” Ancona Infanzón concluded.

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