“La Llorona” and “Maruata” two fantastic beach destinations in Michoacan


Michoacán is one of the states with the most Magical Towns in our country, it has nine, and it is also one of the places where the traditional Day of the Dead remains very alive and deeply rooted among its inhabitants, that is why year after year, foreigners of all corners of the world come to witness the development of this beautiful tradition.

In addition, this state, located in the center-west of Mexico, has a great diversity of beaches. Here we present the most beautiful beaches that you cannot miss on your next Easter holidays.

La Llorona Beach

It is located in the municipality of Aquila, just over three hours from Lázaro Cárdenas, and borders the Faro de Bucerías beach. La Llorona is a practically virgin beach with yellow sand, warm and crystal clear water, as well as its rocky landscape.

But this place has a very particular charm, those who have had the opportunity to visit it assure that they hear cries, although in reality they are sounds caused by the friction of the feet and the sand. In addition, you can stay in some of the cabins that are in the place, although if you like adventure, you can camp, witness the nesting of turtles and go diving to learn about its marine flora and fauna. La Llorona is one of the lesser known coasts of Michoacán.

Maruata Beach

This beautiful semi-virgin beach with turquoise sea is perfect for camping or renting one of the small cabins set up in the place. You can visit “the finger of God”, a rock formation that is shaped like a finger and seems to point towards the sky.

In Maruata you will find strong waves, so it becomes a great place to practice surfing, you can also enjoy the sanctuary of the black turtle.

You can also go diving, take a boat ride or have a relaxing time in the jacuzzis that are formed behind the cliffs.

Maruata is located 159 kilometers from Lázaro Cárdenas on federal highway no. 200, you can reach it by the free or toll road to Uruapan, later you must reach Nueva Italia and in the Cuatro Caminos Cruise, continue straight ahead to Lázaro Cárdenas.

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