Rosamar, the rosé wine that brings together the flavor of Mazatlán


Justo Molachino Amaro, mentioned that this drink made in Sonora, is inspired by Mazatlan gastronomy, to combine with meats, chickens and even aguachile

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Can you imagine tasting a delicious Sinaloa aguachile with a Syrah wine? Well, Sonora wine producers have created a rosé wine with the ideal touch so that it can be accompanied with the highlights of Mazatlan foodas a tribute to the land of deer.

Justo Molachino Amaro, director of the Third Northwest Wine Festival explained that the drink called Rosamar: Mazatlán Wine has its birth in 2019 and in the next edition of the event it will be presented to the public, as a way to highlight the city and promote the wine consumption in the locality.

“It was made thinking precisely that it could fit perfectly and harmonize with all the dishes of local food, if you, for example, take it with a shaken fish it is perfect, if you take it with an aguachile, for example, well, the aguachile, so that’s why we consider it Mazatleco, a winemaker when he makes a wine he does it thinking with an intention, he is like an architect ”.

Rosamar has touches of peach, grapefruit, watermelon and notes of white flowers, made in Ures, near Hermosillo, Sonora and is considered one of the best rosé wines in the country, and will even participate in competitions at both the Autonomous University of Baja California, as well as an event in Brúcelas next year on an international level, not in the Mexican category.

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