Cruise Ships will return to the Pacific Riviera in August


Arturo Musi Ganem, president of the Mexican Association of Cruises, announced that it is likely that the cruises will return to the Mexican Pacific Route for the month of August, on the matter of reservations he said he was at the top, meaning that the Tourism is true to the activity, in addition to being eager to travel.

He explained that until now, shipping companies have announced the possibility of resuming activities in June, which would be gradual, that is, they would start operating little by little, the Caribbean area would be one of the first.

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He explained that in the case of the Princess, Holland, Carnivale, among other shipping lines that operate the Mexican Riviera route, they may return in August or September:

“First they have to pass the strict protocols established by the United States authorities.”

He stressed that on the subject of vaccination the neighboring country is very advanced, because the United States government established the goal of having the entire population vaccinated as soon as possible:

“The one that was considered to reactivate the cruise ships is a green light to restart the operation of the cruise ships, of course with people who are vaccinated, which would be a light in the darkness of the tunnel.”

He pointed out that, on the matter of reservations, cruise passengers have been very insistent in obtaining a date to travel:

“It had been said that in April the activity would resume, from there it went to May and now it goes to June, so all the ships that come to the destination are already at“ full ”, even the shipping companies have to negotiate with tourists on an extension in their reservations, offering them certain benefits so they can keep waiting ”.

He concluded by saying that tourism is desperate, he wants to travel, so the cruise passenger is waiting for the activity to resume to get on a boat, “we are waiting for this to return to normal.”


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