Los Cabos is recognized for promoting philanthropic tourism


In the United States, Los Cabos is recognized as a destination with power in philanthropic tourism, all thanks to the actions developed by Fundación Solmar since it is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance in an altruistic way to the most vulnerable groups, so Dinorah de Haro Inda, director of said foundation, is recognized as the woman who transformed the tourism industry in Latin America.

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On the Newlink website, Women transforming today’s tourism industry in Latin America, Dinorah de Haro is recognized as a powerful woman with a vision to help the neediest people in the Los Cabos community and who has made her a leader of the efforts to receive donations and create new opportunities for women and children living in extreme poverty through social programs.

For his part, Dinorah announced that Newlink did an online investigation, compiling a compilation of women who are working in the transformation of the tourism industry and found the humanitarian work carried out by the foundation with the support of some guests who visit the municipality, “I mean, I’m getting philanthropy into the tourism industry.”

He said that the work of the Solmar Foundation is to work with North Americans who come to perform philanthropic actions in Los Cabos, thereby benefiting the most vulnerable families.

“The most surprising thing is that some tourists who come to donate do not stay in Solmar but in other hotel developments, they no longer just place the Solmar foundation as part of a hotel group but rather a foundation that helps the community.”

He concluded that he will continue working so that the people who come to Los Cabos join the volunteer work, all in accordance with health regulations, we must continue to motivate tourists to donate. 

“Los Cabos is a destination that they see as a second home, since by investing in a timeshare membership, it already makes them part of their community and they must contribute something.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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