Prepare an Ensenada Style Shrimp Ceviche


Sabina Bandera, from Guerrero, shares one of her secrets to replicate it at home during Lent

Shrimp ceviche from Sabina Bandera

Sabina Bandera nos comparte la receta de su famosa tostada de ceviche de  camarón

For 4 people 

500 grams of cooked shrimp
500 grams of tomato
300 grams of white onion
300 grams of jalapeño
100 grams of coriander
150 ml of lemon juice
Table salt to taste 
Pepper to taste


1. Cook the shrimp by boiling it in water and a touch of sea salt.
2. Have the ingredients finely chopped: protein, tomato, onion, coriander and jalapeño.
3. Mix the ingredients and press while mixing.
4. On toast spread mayonnaise a tablespoon of our freshly made ceviche and a few slices of avocado
5. Add sauce to taste and enjoy

La Guerrerense celebrates over 60 years of serving the most popular seafood in Ensenada

The Guerrerense
Photos: courtesy

60 years ago began the history of La Guerrerense and its owner, the beloved Sabina Barrera, who has served thousands of people from all over the world on her seafood cart, including the famous chef Anthony Bourdain; and whose story has been told in national and international media, such as National Geographic magazine. 

It was in 1976 when Sabina Bandera married Eduardo Oviedo, son of Celia Carranza and Alberto Oviedo, and came to Ensenada to spend her honeymoon. The Oviedo-Carranza couple had just set up a cart in Ensenada to sell seafood and it was there that Sabina learned the art of serving seafood and running a business. The honeymoon ended, however, Sabina never left the city; and, next to her husband, she continued to run the business.  


The rest is history and the famous “La Guerrerense” has conquered the palate of locals and visitors alike, putting very high the name of Ensenada and all that its sea offers. To date, the business has its own line of wines and beers, as well as the commercialization of its most emblematic sauces. Similarly, they have a restaurant in the center of Ensenada, one in Guadalajara and another in CDMX, a city in which they will soon open a new concept.“This restaurant is a different concept than the ones we currently have. Here we are managing a table service already with main dishes. We developed with my parents and Gerardo Alvarado a menu consisting of dishes such as esquites with crab and marrow; and other dishes that merge everyone’s roots. Then, another letter will be presented in addition to the already beloved dishes of La Guerrerense “ , Mariana Oviedo, daughter of Sabina and Eduardo, talks in an interview. 


(Photo: Alan Carranza / El Universal)

“We are also going to have a grill area to take them a little more from Baja like San Quintín where smoked clams are made and give them that touch so they can taste and get to know Ensenada’s gastronomy. It will be a very nice restaurant where You will see reasons for Ensenada from the moment you enter. There will also be a mixology bar with drinks that we like and are typical of the area such as Margaritas. The place will give many things to make you feel how warm and beautiful Ensenada is and be in the Guerrero family, “adds Mariana. It is worth mentioning that the place will be located on Durango street, in the Roma neighborhood. 

Visit Sabina at La Guerrerense Condesa branch, or order at home and enjoy at home. 
IG @Guerrerense_Condesa

Orders  5583765332 


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