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If we talk about typical Mazatlan food, a special place needs to be dedicated to it. Our food is full of shrimp because Mazatlán is the port where much of the shrimp is fished and it has one of the largest shrimp fleets in the world. Fresh fish for sale on the pier and on the north beach and dozens of seafood restaurants where we can eat the delicacies prepared with these ingredients.

10. Fried Birds (in season) The birds are small fish that are eaten fried and can be eaten in tacos or alone bathed in sauce. Usually, the season of Pajaritos begins in May and they are sold on the north beach or on the pier already clean so that they can season and cool them.

9. Estofado de Caguamanta is sold in order or in tacos, There are 2 popular places in Playa Norte where you can try this dish. Cahuamanta is a typical Mexican dish from the states of Sinaloa and Sonora made of stingrays and shrimp, originally it was prepared with loggerhead turtles.

8. Ceviche de Sierra, is a fish ceviche (sierra) that is ground and tanned with lemon and served with ground or grated carrots. It is part of the snacks for birthday parties or to go to the beach because it is quite profitable for the amount of carrot it carries. It can be found in some carts where they serve it in a hard (chicharron de flour). There is a variant known as natural sierra where the fish tanned with purple onion and serrano pepper is served.

7. Callos de hacha can be eaten in ceviche, with red onion, lemon juice, coriander. They are extremely delicious. In Mexico, they are prepared in many ways, including aguachile (lemon and salt, breaded, salad and garlic sauce. It all depends on the taste of each person and the place where it is eaten.

6. Marlin Smoked is widely consumed in Mazatlán in various presentations ranging from marlin tacos, Mexican marlin, marlin stew, in quesadillas and even as protein in salads. Black marlin fish is common to find in the Pacific Ocean; this species has sexual dimorphism, that is, they can be differentiate a female species and a male species, the females being larger than the males

5. Shrimp cocktails in Mazatlán are served hot, they do not have ketchup and avocado is optional. It is a great remedy for hangovers or to eat you a broth for the craving

4. Tacos Gobernador On a visit to Mazatlán that the Governor of the state of Sinaloa, Francisco Labastida Ochoa, reserved a table at said restaurant. Upon learning of this, the owner Eduardo Armando Angulo Salomón, entrusted the chef with a special taco for the visit. They are made with Manchego cheese, shrimp, roasted poblano pepper cut into strips, garlic and finely chopped celery, salt and pepper to taste.

3. Shrimp ceviche White onion, red onion (purple), peeled raw shrimp, fat tomato Many lemons, enough to flood the plate, salt and pepper to taste all on toast, will make your palate enjoy a world of flavor. It is super delicious.

2. Pescado Zarandeado Around there they say that in Mazatlán there are two types of meetings, of bbq meat and those of Fish Zarandeado. The latter is a classic of Mazatlan cuisine, one of those dishes that you cannot stop trying if you visit the port. This dish prepared on the grill has earned a special place in the palate of the Mazatlecos

1. Aguachile Aguachile is a dish that has a lot of flavor prepared with few ingredients. The shrimp of aguachile are tanned by bathing with a sauce of pure chili peppers with lemon, it is accompanied with cucumber and red onion

This dish prepared on the grill has earned a special place in the palate of the Mazatlecos, which we gladly enjoy with some beers on the shore of the beach in the company of family and friends, it is one of those meals that you eat on a Sunday morning late as the hours pass between talks and music.

However, although the Mazatlecos have adopted it as their own, this dish has its origin in Nayarit

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