Renowned artist from Chiapas dies “Chito Bolón” RIP


San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- “Juan Chito Bolón Chom was like a bonfire at night and like a leafy tree under the oppressive sun. But he was also an always happy and radiant man, and we have to live as he taught us by his example. I love you, ”wrote Dorian Rodrigo Figueroa Ruiz on his Facebook account on the death of his uncle, the well-known artist from Chiapas Chito Bolón.

“Dear family and friends, the loss suffered today by all of us who once took refuge in the warmth of your company,” adds his nephew, who weeks before had announced the difficult moment that Chito was going through.

His real name was Horacio Ruiz Ruiz, a native of Chiapa de Corzo, who with his pleasant talk made the walkers of San Cristóbal de Las Casas happy. “The Mayans are in fashion, that’s why I paint pure jaguars, look at it, I already sold two of the four paintings that I brought,” he told me in an interview during an exhibition at the El Carmen Convention Center.

Chito also worked sculpture; He began painting parachico masks and with the passage of time he experimented with many artistic techniques. Chito will be remembered with his “ajaguarado” voice, his rough hands from the sandpaper, always telling a joke and laughing. Fuck Chito, good journey, dude.


San Cristobal Post