Sargasso begins to arrive in the Mexican Caribbean

Forecasts indicate a moderate recall of the algae for 2021

The first days of March have brought the return of sargassum to the Mexican Caribbean; Algae can already be seen in various destinations, mainly Playa del Carmen and Tulum, although in a smaller proportion than in past years. The State Secretariat of Tourism reported that the forecasts indicate a moderate recall and are awaiting meetings with the Secretary of the Navy to coordinate the clean-up work.

In the videoconference where she spoke about health certifications, Marisol Vanegas Pérez, State Secretary for Tourism, was questioned about the start of the sargassum season, on which she commented that the same mechanism as last year will be followed, where the Secretary of the Navy ( Semar) is leading the effort.

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He announced that a daily sargassum report will be distributed and another called “Not every day or every beach”, in which they specify which areas are affected by the arrival of the algae.

Meanwhile, places like Playa del Carmen already report significant sargassum dumps, mainly in the area known as El Recodo, which has historically been a recurring point of accumulation.

The Solidaridad City Council reported that since Friday, February 26, it has removed more than 89 tons of the 100 that have arrived on the beaches of the municipality, which represents an 80 percent progress in the cleaning of the sand.

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This was confirmed by the director of the Zofemat, Marco Loeza Pacheco, who explained that these maintenance tasks are carried out from the fiscal dock to Punta Esmeralda beach, with a workforce of 90 people, in order to keep the coastline in optimal condition.

He stressed that the arrival was generated due to the change caused by the southeast winds with gusts of approximately 45 km / h and according to the forecasts this week the same trend will continue due to the predominance of these gusts.

In Cozumel, the director of the Zofemat, Ricardo Lizama Escalante, reported that as part of his permanent program “Strengthening in cleaning, maintenance, conservation and attention to sargassum”, during the month of February more than 142 tons of sargassum were removed, thus like three thousand 800 kilos of solid waste.

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He pointed out that these tasks were carried out on the main public beaches, such as Punta Morena, Mirador Chumul, Chen Río, San Martín and Playa Bonita.


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