More than 150 minors study under trees in two colonies of Champotón Campeche

There are those who go to study when they leave work as day laborers

A group of eight teachers headed by María del Jesús Arias Vanegas attends in person to more than 150 children from two neighborhoods in the municipal seat of Champotón due to financial shortages to acquire electronic equipment for their online classes and what the teacher highlighted: The pandemic cannot deprive children of the opportunity to study and prepare for the future.

There, under a couple of trees and a few awnings, they give classes to the preschool and primary infants of the Guerrero and Mirador colonies, both invasions awaiting the regularization of the properties, and also of the poorest in the municipal seat.

The little ones are segmented at different times and even their recess is with food prepared by the parents who have donated the little that the improvised school has: “The participation of the parents is important because although they do not have the possibility of acquiring some equipment for the online classes, they help a lot to make this possible “, the teacher highlighted.

Photo: Jairo Magaña

The day begins with the practice of a poem, being an initiative of teachers who are part of Antorcha Campesina, they use literary works by Aquiles Córdova Morán, national leader of the peasant movement, but they try not to mix ideology with ethics and the vocation of teachers, it is enough to mention that it is a human right of children.

The teachers are also young people and adolescents who are contributing something to the community, the secondary school adolescents teach the first and second-year children, while older teachers take care of the little ones in preschool so that they are more controlled.

Arias Vanegas affirmed that the school dropout in the municipality of Champotón is due to the economic situation they are experiencing, that in addition to the pandemic, there is a stagnant economy that forces some children to work. 

“Some of the little ones who take classes here come in the afternoon, not because they are forced to, it’s because at that time they already left work, they run errands in supermarkets, others go to businesses to look for work and some more go to shops. sugarcane fields to work as day laborers, believe it or not, we have seen them arrive with their machetes and blacks due to the soot thrown up by the burning of the cane, “she said in a broken voice and then took a deep breath.

Photo: Jairo Magaña

She says that they have spoken with the state, federal, and municipal authorities to seek all possible support, but no one has given them help, even on weekends they go out to the streets and communities to sell products and collect to help their best possible conditions in the Little Warriors school.

“It is a consecrated human right that children receive studies, it is not the time to do more beasts of work but thinking people, who have the goal of being someone important in life, because today there is a lack of researchers and scientists to deal with cases such as the pandemic”, she said.

When the work they do on weekends was published last Monday, it helped them to be located by representatives of the state government, now they hope that it is good news for the children, not for the teachers.


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