The agricultural burn season begins in Yucatan

Call Procivy to contribute to the prevention and control of fires

The State Coordination of Civil Protection (Procivy) made a call to join efforts between institutions and society to prevent and intervene in a timely and efficient manner any outbreak of fire, facing the start of the burning season this March 1 in Yucatan.

The head of the agency, Enrique Alcocer Basto, reported that after the installation of the State Committee of the 2021 Fire Prevention and Fighting Program and the approval of the burning calendar, the instance under his charge is ready to attend any eventuality and has and from a network of organizations that, together, will reduce these claims, with the support of the population.

The Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) attends, in a timely manner, all year round the reports of fires that are presented, but due to the number of attempts that occur during the dry season we join the direct combat, clarifies the official.

Inicia temporada de quemas y de incendios forestales

In order to support, on February 13, the State Committee for the Prevention and Fighting of Forest Fires met, a body chaired by the Chief Executive and directed by the Rural Development Secretariat (Seder), with the aim of refining details towards the burning season.  

The emergency and aid bodies, as well as authorities of the three levels of Government that make up said body, remain coordinated to attend to eventualities in this period that will last until May, where the participation of the population in both prevention and prevention is essential. send reports, said Alcocer Basto.

It reported that last year, Procivy personnel attended to 931 fire situations, the majority of outbreaks, originated in large part by burning garbage, cigarette butts, or glass bottles were thrown on the side of roads and bonfires. The human factor is the cause of a large number of incidents, he stressed.

To attend the reports, he mentioned that the agency under his charge has 150 previously trained elements, which will be distributed in five bases: Tizimín, Valladolid, Tekax, Izamal and Mérida, which will be mobile and will support each sector in a timely manner when be necessary.

yucatan burn season

The head of Procivy remarked that the instructions of the State Executive are clear: make responsible and controlled use of agricultural burns, as well as prevent and combat the presence of any outbreak of fire in Yucatecan territory, for the benefit of society and the environment.

In that sense, he recalled that these activities are regulated by the Seder and that they are regionalized by its Burning Calendar: in the southeast, the traditional cornfield area; in the south, the agricultural and citrus part, and in the north and center, the henequen and cattle-raising area.

He explained that the aforementioned Committee considered the different periods of preparation of the land for each turn, because “it is a season of intense heat, so we must be prepared for any eventuality.”

In another vein, he urged the farmers of the field not to carry out their burning alone, in addition to staying on their land to be monitored to avoid uncontrolled activities and to carry out this activity before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m. for, outside the warmest hours.

Presentan nuevo calendario de quema agrícola en Yucatán

“Also, it is important that they approach their municipal authorities to ask for permission, since this serves to have organized prevention, with the availability of brigade members in case the burns get out of control,” he said.

Finally, the official emphasized that the number 9-1-1, charge of the Police Monitoring and Intelligence Unit (Umipol), is available to attend to any report of fires, while the State Monitoring and Alert Center ( CEMA) will report permanently on records and forecasts of maximum temperatures.

Procivy personnel and elements of the SSP’s Directorate of Claims and Rescue participate in this joint control effort, coordinated with the municipal Civil Protection brigades, among other institutions.


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