City Hall delivers identity certificates to Central American migrants in Tijuana


The city council of Tijuana, Baja California, installed an attention module to inform and help the migrants who sleep next to the El Chaparral checkpoint, where they are also issued identity certificates.

Some 300 Central Americans, Haitians, and Mexicans have been sleeping in the place for a week, waiting to request asylum from the United States government.

The mayor of Tijuana, Karla Ruiz Macfarland, said that the city government has the capacity to help foreigners.

To prevent human traffickers from trying to deceive migrants, “we are coordinating with the Secretary of Security and others so that this does not happen,” she said.

That is why they seek “to make migrants aware of really seeing the situation as it is and the consequences that they may have if they leave,” she added.

Magaly Ronquillo Palacios, official of the Municipal Civil Registry, explained that at the PedWest pedestrian crossing they offer the service of birth certificates.

She has already registered 15 minors who lacked a certificate and that is essential for them to have legal certainty.

Source: Milenio

Baja California Post