Two baby humpback whales found dead on Puerto Vallarta beaches


Biologist Astrid Frisch Jordán, from ECOBAC, informed Tribuna de la Bahía that the two stranded humpback whale calves, which were found on the beaches near the Hotel Meliá, and the Shangri-La condominiums, are two males that still had remains of the umbilical cord, did not present wound marks, so they could die of natural causes. 

He indicated that the report was attended to at dawn this Sunday; both hatchlings were less than 500 meters apart from each other, measuring approximately 4 meters in length. He reiterated that they had no marks or wounds or anything.

A necropsy will be performed on both bodies, to determine if they are related to each other, or if they had any bacteria. This will take time, although the biologist pointed out that the death of newborn pups is quite common.

On the other hand, he highlighted that there was an adult whale nearby, which could possibly be the mother of one of the young, but they are still not sure. So they will be reviewing the ECOBAC catalog, which has photographs of the whale tails, since that is how they identify them.

“If it is a bit strange to have two calves and that draws our attention, since normally whales only have one calf at a time, there are no records of friends or twins being born at the same time, since it is a lot of effort for the mother to be able to raise them to grow normally “.

So with the samples, it will be confirmed, if it is one of the strange cases that the offspring are related and therefore could not survive.


The Guadalajara Post