On alert border areas of Tabasco and Chiapas prepare for migrant caravan onslaught


The proximity of the caravan has caused mixed reactions on social networks, where some demand not to allow them access as they consider them a threat, while others ask to enforce their rights.

After the announcement of an alleged ‘passage’ through Mexican territory of thousands of Central Americans who will seek to reach the United States, the National Institute of Migration with the support of the National Guard and the Mexican Army has ordered the deployment to the borderlines areas.

Surveillance devices are maintained 24 hours a day in Tabasco and Chiapas to apply the law in case the hundreds of undocumented immigrants try to enter.

The preliminary information is that more than six thousand migrants, at the moment, of Honduran nationality, are traveling on foot from their country, and have already entered Guatemala, and with that, they are heading towards Mexico, where the borders are already, are protected.

In Guatemala, the Central Americans refused to present documents and the negative test of Covid-19.

The situation has generated mixed criticisms, where some demand guarantees of human rights to the migrants, while others give a resounding refusal to allow them to enter Mexican territory for not knowing the antecedents and intentions of some of the members of the contingent.

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Chris Coronel specifies on his social media: “The army must repel with force this threat to the safety and health of Mexicans, it is its obligation. If they do not respect the laws, the less they will respect health protocols ”.

According to the law, this authorizes the foreign national or resident of neighboring countries to enter the border regions with the right to enter and allow them, as many times as they wish, without their stay exceeding seven days and without permission to receive remuneration in the country.

And it is because of the above, where Mr. Abraham Hernández Navarrete writes on his website about the actions of the federal authorities with the following: “I hope that upon arrival at the border with Mexico, the national guard and INM personnel have been trained with human rights perspective; Migrants have rights recognized in different legal norms that the Mexican authorities are obliged to recognize and respect.

On his part, Don Gilberto Ramos specifies about the migrant caravan and exposes the Mexican security forces as insufficient: “Really, very few personnel and very little equipment. They need the backup National Guard to keep things under control. People come with a lot of euphoria and despair ”.

Lucy Rojas said that the surveillance devices (drones) are precisely the requirement to enforce the law. No more migrants, we need to take care of the country first, she said.

Allan García, an undocumented person of Honduran nationality who said: “The only crime is that we are illegal, but we are human, just like you who are reading; dedicated to all of us who emigrate to move on and get our family forward. We fight for our children …

David Santiz: “Do a good job, please, we are already in a country with a lot of crime, and now more, if they enter Mexico.

A Central American named David Morales Turcio alerted Mexican authorities with the following message: “Hundred and hundreds of Honduran migrants are coming …

Finally, who calls himself, Monsserhatt Medina, said: The Mexican police must be careful because in the caravan there are “some police beaters beasts, they are Mareros”; she concludes.

Source: elheraldodetabasco.com.mx

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