This will be the first municipality in Sinaloa to obtain the COVID vaccine


Although there is no exact date of arrival, the doses are expected to arrive between the first 15 days of January.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The hope of the arrival of the COVID vaccine remains firm throughout Sinaloa, even more so when the estimated date of arrival of the doses is yet to be met.

Since it was announced that the state would benefit from a shipment of doses, the estimated date has been prior to the first 15 days of January, however, so far there is no exact date of arrival at the entity.

The State Health Secretariat informed through its Social Communication Directorate that it would be until a day before when the state authorities would be informed that the vaccine would be about to arrive in Sinaloa.

“We do not have. Information about that … the date is the second half of January … is all we know. They will notify us one day before their arrival ”, said Cecilia Cota, Director of Social Communication of the Secretariat in a message.

It was also announced that as the current epicenter of infections, and the municipality with the highest number of cases, Culiacán would be the first to begin the vaccination campaign once the doses are assured.

Since it is not known how many vaccines will be destined for Sinaloa, at the moment it would not be possible to ensure that another municipality would continue the vaccination.

“And the first municipality will be Culiacán, which is the one with the greatest contagion. But since we don’t know yet how many will arrive or how we can’t say who’s next, ”he wrote.

It should be remembered that medical personnel will be the first to receive the vaccine to continue facing the pandemic.

Recently, the Ministry of Health in Sinaloa reported that they are already preparing the logistics to implement before the soon arrival of vaccines against COVID-19 to be applied to health personnel in the first stage.

Admite SSA incremento de casos Covid-19 en Sinaloa 

SSA admits increase in Covid-19 cases in Sinaloa 

The Secretary of Health pointed out that Sinaloa continues to be yellow in the epidemiological traffic light, however, it could change to orange due to the increase in positive cases in recent days

The secretary of health in Sinaloa, Efrén Encinas Torres, admitted that in recent days there has been a small increase in Covid-19 cases in Sinaloa.

He pointed out that it is still very likely that in another 15 days a rebound could be presented in positive cases due to the great mobility that occurred in the last days of 2020.

“Yes, if there has been a small increase on these dates due to the mobility we had in late December, it is still very likely that in about 15 days we could have a rebound in that sense of cases,” he said.

Encinas Torres reiterated that they have already begun to reinforce actions in the face of the increase that has been presented and added that in terms of Covid tests, they have around five thousand available and are about to receive more.

“We are reinforcing actions for example in the matter of hospital occupation that does not take us away, we are already working on it,” he said.


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