Mexican hotels can expect an influx of guests at Christmas


According to data from the SiteMinder guest acquisition platform, which was analyzed by Jason Lugo, Regional Director for Latin America; in Mexico, the following trends can be observed:

  • Currently, hotel reservations in the country stand at 77.08% over the levels of the previous year. And for the last days of the year, even higher volumes of arrivals are expected during the weeks of Christmas and New Years’.
  • Travelers’ desire to close the year in a different destination is reflected in the fact that about 4.83% of 2020 reservations are scheduled for stays before the end of the year.
  • Although last-minute bookings have predominated, SiteMinder’s World Index shows that, during 2021, guest arrivals at Mexican hotels will be higher in the Christmas and New Years’ period.
  • Similarly, the platform reveals a continuous and steady recovery for Mexico’s hotel industry, as the country could close the year with 85% of the 2019 booking levels  Notably, hotels within Playa del Carmen have already reached 114% of last year’s volumes, exceeding pre-pandemic levels.
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The most important trend is to reconnect

On the other hand, in the report entitled “From Boom to Privilege: The New Realities for a Hospitality Industry in Need of Adjustment”, SiteMinder CEO Mike Ford explains that contrary to what many believed, today’s world has become made “simpler than ever”. 

“We are asked to reconnect with ourselves and our families, with nature and with the simple things in life… we are reminded that we travel simply existing, but we have the opportunity to look for extraordinary moments in time, not with strangers, but with ourselves and those who really matter to us, “he said. 

“This year, Christmas is an opportunity to experience something that doesn’t feel strange at all; it is an opportunity to experience a sense of normalcy in an environment that is anything but what we all know to be normal. It is an opportunity to free ourselves from the four walls of our homes, detach ourselves from our digital screens, and embrace the world around us once again ”.


Mexico Daily Post