Army and police interrupt Cartel Xmas party in Sinaloa and seize 7 cars


In the community of San Diego in Culiacán, Sinaloa, soldiers surprised attendants at a Christmas party, in which they secured more than 7 cars that are believed to be raffled among those present. 

Sinaloa.- Around 01:00 in the morning of Thursday, an outdoor party was reported in the community of San Diego, north of the city of  Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Military and police arrived at the party causing the flight of those present who left more than 7 cars, which were secured by the elements of the armed forces that attended. There were no detainees. 

The operation was led by military elements with the support of state and municipal police from Culiacán. 

It is believed that cars were being raffled at the party. Among the cars seized are four 2021 Chevrolet cars. 

It is said that this meeting was outdoors and took place near the community sports fields. 


The Mazatlan Post