Mexican immigrant traffic to Sinaloa for holidays low this year reports “Green Angels” commander


* They await arrival before Christmas Eve
* Exhort the entire population not to drive with high speed

José Ricardo Picos Quintero, commander of Ángeles Verdes, a highway rescue and relief group, said that unlike in other years, federal roads do not register a high amount of paisano traffic.

Green Angels

“The Americans, Canadians, and or countrymen still have not left, we know they have problems because they are told that if they leave they will no longer be able to enter the United States,” he said.

Picos Quintero expressed that he hopes that before Christmas a considerable amount can be seen on the roads of all those visitors who travel to their place of origin during these December holidays.

“We are at zero, that’s how ugly it sounds because you don’t see any countrymen on the road, you see one or another asylum seekers; Let’s hope that by Christmas it increases or they manage to leave, but with more time for them to return ”.

Likewise, he informed that the Mazatlán-Durango highway is not in dangerous conditions.
The main recommendation offered to drivers is to slow down so that they can reach their destinations safely.

Regarding the low temperatures in the areas of the Mazatlán-Durango highway, Picos Quintero pointed out that they have no report of freezing of the route due to the lack of rain, but that is not a reason to drive fast

The situation of the pandemic also affected them, at the moment the corporation collaborates with 10 elements in 5 units, the rest are in recovery to begin work as soon as possible.


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