Neglected Magic Town without development nine years after its designation in Campeche


A months ago, the Villa of Isla Aguada was named a Magical Town; However, it is necessary for the state and municipal authorities to improve the infrastructure, better tourism promotion, and guarantee free tolls for the residents of the municipality, declared the activist Gustavo Novelo, who added that Palizada has a road network in deplorable conditions, despite that since 2011 it has the same distinction.

Palizada, Campeche, a Magic Town since 2011.

“It is good news, we hope that the authorities take into consideration the infrastructure and security, as well as that the necessary resources arrive for its improvement,” he Gustavo Novelo.

He stressed the importance of having a free toll for the inhabitants of the municipality because in this way it could generate an economic rebound since the islanders could spend a weekend in the paradisiac Villa.

Precisely the cost that the bridge implies makes it difficult for the people of Ciudad del Carmen to visit the Aguadeños, which would leave an economical spill in restaurants, beaches, and hotels.

Isla Aguada, Campeche has been named Magic Town in recent months

“The state government should invest in infrastructure, especially that there are tourism promotion and security, we know that the federal resource arrives, but it is diverted and we do not see any improvement,” he said.

As one example of the lack of investments and economical development, the town of Palizada was names Pueblo Mágico in 2011 and to date, there are no improvements in the infrastructure of the “Perla de Los Ríos”, where there are approximately 70 kilometers of road that are in terrible condition, which prevents tourism from increasing.


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